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Professional tips for moving from UK to Europe

Moving from UK to Europe may seem like a simple affair compared to cross-continental relocation. However, there are many logistics to consider. Whether it is collection from the UK and delivery to any European destination or anything else ranging from couriers and parcels, full furniture dismantling loading and removal or even if you need a dedicated shipping container for your belongings; you will need a solid plan in place in order to avoid unexpected delays and facilitate a comfortable move.

Regardless of where you are traveling, some of the basic principles and requirements remain the same regardless of where you are moving. However, a basic background on your destination and researching any logistic challenges can help you anticipate and overcome any issues that may crop up doing your relocation. Let's take a look at some of the more popular destinations for moving from UK to Europe.


Moving from London to France

As close as it is to the UK, you still have to clear customs for all your belongings. If you don't have simplified clearance procedures, even moving from London to Paris, which is a metro city itself, can a huge hassle. We recommend using the Eurotunnel and it is affordable and most importantly, it works around the clock with a high-frequency and you don't have to worry about any unexpected weather changes that can impede your relocation or damage belongings.

Moving from London to Spain

Many customers have this illusion of paradise when they move to Spain. They think it is the perfect place with sunshine, cheap accommodations and a laid-back lifestyle. However, although the environment is friendly and the weather is good, if you haven't sorted your finances, parking permits and have ready accomodations to move all your belongings to, navigating the infrastructure in Spain can be a nightmare. Make sure you do your homework beforehand by having your parking permits handy, accommodations for storage ready. Try to take any unexpected glitches with calm and open mind. Once all of your stuff is cleared and deposit it at the right destination, you can kick back and go out for tapas all you want.

Moving from London to Holland

Chances are, if you are moving to Holland, you already know about the parking dilemmas - especially if you're moving from London to Amsterdam. Make sure you obtain parking permits beforehand so you are not accosted buy local authorities for parking in the wrong place with a vehicle full of your belongings and nowhere else to go. This is especially an issue in popular areas like  the Canal Belt, Jordan and Helmersburrt. As with Paris, we recommend transporting everything via the Eurotunnel as they have cargo trains leaving multiple times in an hour and you don't have to worry about the time of day or weather conditions, regardless of when you chose to make your move.

Moving from London to germany

Fortunately, Germany has a better infrastructure structure than rest of the European countries. So, if you are relocating to Germany, there are only a few considerations you have to keep in mind. The best part about moving from London to Germany is that most people can bring in their household goods and car duty free if they are planning to stay for a longer period of time. The only thing to keep in mind is that Germany has stringent standards for vehicle regulation, so get your car checked out by a mechanic prior to your relocation to ensure that you are meeting EU standards for things like headlights, brakes, tires and emissions. If you fail to do this, you will have to get it modified in Germany immediately - or end up paying a fine.

When you are moving from UK to Europe, regardless of your destination, make sure you have vehicle breakdown cover, a place for emergency storage, proper boxes and packing materials as well as the proper parking permits, rental agreements, vehicle permits and the right people for the job. The Yellow Van Company provides a full service offering for clients who want part or complete load door to door removals anywhere within the European Union.