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Things you need to know about moving away from London

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Things you need to know about moving away from London

Things you need to know about moving away from London

A lot of people are now moving from London because of the rising costs of living. According to the most recent survey published by The Guardian, nearly 292,000 people left the metropolis in the first half of 2016. This is a staggering 14% increase in the outflow from 2006. There are certain factors responsible for driving people away from London. Expensive housing market and financially squeezed councils that are unable to keep up with the crumbling infrastructure are among the primary causes. The cost of living in London is so high that people cannot afford to buy housing stock in London and they have to move hundreds of miles away just to be able to own property.

Even finding cheap rental housing has become a challenge for Londoners to find and keep. According to Sir Steve Bullock, London Councils’ executive member for housing, “good quality affordable housing is extremely scarce in parts of London, especially for people on low incomes”.

Why are we talking about the London housing crisis on a blog about professional movers? The reason is because in the last year alone, we have noticed more and more of our clients moving out of London.

Our observations have been confirmed by new research from Labour Mayoral Candidate Tessa Jowell who reported that (hypothetically) commuting from London to Spain is considerably cheaper than actually living in the English Capital! Housing is ridiculously cheap in Spain. Couple that with a greater quality of life and your realise – who wouldn’t want to move there?!

If you are seriously considering moving from London to Spain though, you will need to plan your move and hire the right professional movers to undertake the immigration process.

Experienced man and van companies can help you book your international moving services, track your luggage with international shipment tracking and take even advantage of international pet shipping service if your pooch is coming along with you! Of Course, like any other professional moving service, they can also help pack your goods and transport them to your new home.

Also, whether you are moving from London to Spain or  moving from London to Germany – regardless of your end destination, you will need to become familiar with the new country and their rules and restrictions. It is also important that you are aware of local regulations and practicalities in order ensure that your offloading at the final destination doesn’t break any zoning laws or cause yourself any inconvenience at the end of a long journey. When moving from London to Spain for example, there may be narrow streets, parking restrictions, apartment blocks where you need permission to park that may hinder the offloading process and cause unnecessary delays. So, do your homework before you leave!